Our mannequins can be as individual as real people. All elements that make up our torso collections are totally interchangeable in order to create precisely the character you like.

Every torso needs a base
Hans Boodt Mannequins has developed a new range of bases to provide the torso collection with variants of the standard base. The bases are available in many different finishes. A base completes the presentation of the torso. We can provide bases in every material, color or shape you desire.

Customize your own base
Pick your finish. Silver chrome, brushed brass, high gloss or matt… You name it. Besides the finish you can also choose a shape you like. A tripod, square or round base. A cylinder, block or pyramid shaped base. Our design, drop and spider bases or a base on wheels… These are just examples of what we can do. Our bases can be requested in any type or color and can be used in different heights.

Endless possibilities.