Celebrate Life Realistic


The Celebrate Life realistic female/male mannequins stand tall with sky-high legs, rising above the fray and any other obstacles in their way. Swan-like necks and shoulders proudly thrown back, petite upper bodies, elegant arms and elongated fingers bring all the poses of these realistic mannequins female/male to perfection, revealing their deepest emotions. With sweet and subtle make-up, the facial expressions complete each figure’s silhouette.
The Celebrate Life realistic has a light skin tone. Accompanied by a square glass base, each of these female/male mannequins comes equipped with Hans Boodt Mannequins Flexfit® program, assembly instructions, gloves and a touch-up kit.
The female mannequins come in a shapely size EU 36 while the male mannequins can be size EU 48/EU 50.Collections associées:Celebrate Life     Fantasy