Plus-size mannequin Plus-size mannequin
Plus-size etalagepop Betty


Feminine, voluptuous, self-conscious and a timeless charisma. Our Betty belongs to the plus-size mannequin collection and she loves her body. Her body is made for clothing that perfectly accentuates her curves. You know she looks good, she is full of self-confidence and isn’t afraid to show it. Whether she’s in the spotlight or on a glass base in the shop window, Betty loves to steal the show. She is like an American movie star from the 50’s: bold, beautiful and brave.

Bold, beautiful & brave
Curvy, independent and full of self confidence
Plus-size mannequin

Our Bo is also a plus-size mannequin but delivers nothing other than posture, style and character. She is sexy, feminine and elegant. Bo wears size 44/46, loves life and is totally comfortable in her body. Both Bo and Betty can be designed in any color or material if requested. The possibilities are endless.

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Realistic plus-size mannequin


At Hans Boodt Mannequins we are aware that perfectly shaped mannequins simply sell the best. But that doesn’t mean we only have and want to sell perfectly shaped mannequins. We want to distinguish ourselves from the crowd and sometimes take roads where no other mannequin has been yet. With this thought in mind, we’ve created the gentlemen from the
Ugly’s collection. Not just a plus-size mannequin, but mannequins made to present collections that also fit a non-model. A plus-size mannequin with short legs or with a tall and skinny body. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And remember: the possibilities are endless and nothing is impossible. Do not hestitate to contact us!